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Royal Princess Boutique

Personalized Paddle Hair Brush Custom Designs


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Product Description

This is a personalized paddle hair brush customized just for you! You can choose the color for your brush from the list below, color for name, and the theme of your brush from the list below. You can choose the two colors from the vinyl chart pictured. During checkout there is a note box, please specify which color you would like used for the brush, vinyl color for name, theme from list below, color for theme (such as ballerina is theme and color is pink). If no colors are mentioned the same colors as shown will be used.

Hair Brush Color Options: Hot Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Turquoise Blue

Theme Options: Ballerina, Mermaid, Castle, Tiara, Carriage with 3 initials monogram within, cheerleader, baseball, football, soccer ball, tennis rackets, Gymnastics, anchor, and alligator.

Additional Information

Robe Sizes

Large (age 7-11), Small/Medum (age 3-6)


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